There are a couple of things I love most about making cards.  First is the hope I get when I see a particularly good sentiment. I hope that I can use that word/phrase in a card that will then make the difference in someone's day.  Even if for a moment.

The second is the love I have for Stampin' Up!'s designer series paper.  All the pretty patterns and colors just make me smile and I have a habit of just letting the paper speak for itself - making it the main focus of the card, rather than complementary to the card design.  Guess there's nothing wrong than that, but I feel it's somehow cheating to just put the pretty paper on the card front and leave it at that.  But, then again, I do like clean and simple cards.  So if the paper can carry the show, why not let it!

But even more curious is my relationship with my paper stash.  To say it is larger than it should be in an understatement. But that's not where the issue it.  It's that I hate to use it!  For example, I have some more of the paper that I used to create the "hello" card above.  I walk past it each time I go into my craft room/office.  And I hear it calling me to use it to create more cards because it's so darn pretty and the colors coordinate so well.  But for some reaons (probably one that only a licensed therapist could determine....;-)) I hate to do that, because then I'll use up the paper and won't have any more to create with.   Ridiculous, I know, but there it is. I'm sure there's a philosopher out there who has written lots on fear of losing the "possible" for reality.  I never liked philosophy that much.....

Well, that's all I have for now.  Guess rather that writing about this I should go to my craft room and start creating!